Trois Pistoles Beer Canada Unibroue

Trois Pistoles is no ordinary beer; it is an evangelical beer.  It is the rare type of beer that a non-beer drinker samples moments before they change their opinions on the entire brewing industry.  It gives hope to those who have been duped into buying mass-produced flavorless beers, seduced by attractive actors in clever television commercials.  It is understandable why so many have turned their back on beer when the beer they encounter is so poorly made.   Fortunately, good beer has an able defender.  In 1997 a small brewery in Quebec began selling the antidote to the mediocrity of the brewing world: Trois Pistoles.

Trois Pistoles is a joy from the very start.  Even the bottle is well done.  All Unibroue labels are distinctive.  Trois Pistoles fiery steed beckons from the isles.  By comparison, the 750 ML bottles look like small artistic canvases when stocked near the screaming neon of other beers.  The 750s are corked giving the beer a touch of class. 

Opening a bottle is a ritual in itself. Once the cork is popped the real joy begins.  As you pour it, the dark, rich colors foreshadow the warming scents of chocolate, fruit and dark rum.  A perfect creamy head caps the beer in anticipation. The favor of this dark ale is sweet on the tongue but not too sweet.  Many compare the flavor to an aged port.  Its effervescence holds nicely.  The full bodied taste finishes well and lingers. 

Trois Pistoles is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.  It is not the type of beer one would pour into a funnel and then down the gullet of some over-exuberant college freshman. Don’t rush this beer.  I’ve seen people drink it in brandy snifters.  Take the time to find the proper glassware.  Read the label and follow the instructions to enjoy it properly.  Open a 750ML bottle when you have the time to savor it.  You won’t want to recap this and stick it back in the fridge half consumed.

The beer is triple fermented, which not only enhances the taste but creates a stronger alcoholic content.  At 9%, it will wallop those of you who are used to drinking much tamer American beers.   Because of the fermentation process a natural, thin layer of sediment will coat the bottom of the bottle so you should always store the bottles upright to preserve the clarity and taste.

Trois Pistoles is a beer that connoisseurs will enjoy and newcomers will enjoy claiming as their own. 

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