Salicylic Acid- The Key ingredient In Acne Products

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid which is used to treat acnes and also certain other skin conditions such as dandruff. It is obtained from the compound, Salicin which is extracted from the bark of a certain willow tree. Due to its exfoliating property, Salicylic acid is the key ingredient in almost all of the lotions and gels which remove acnes from the skin.

Acnes are caused by clumps of sebum blocking the pores of the skin. By exfoliating the skin, the dead skin cells that block the pores get removed which in effect is the acne getting removed. Acnes also need to be prevented from being formed and salicylic acid performs this function too. It penetrates well into the pores of the skin and cleans them, removing any debris and dead cells that might have accumulated there. Thus no new acnes are formed as long as the pores are clean.

Salicylic acid however has some side effects. It causes itching, and a burning sensation leading to dryness of skin. This has made it be replaced by other better ingredients in the latest acne treatments. Lotions such as Acnepril, ProNexin contain new ingredients which are not only many times stronger than salicylic acid but also do not cause any side effects.

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