Q&As for tonsil stones

Q: Hi, I have recently got tonsil stones and it is extremely unpleasant! I am 14 years old and I try gargling and eating healthily but it doesn’t seem to get rid of them. I am to scared to get the tonsil stones out with my finger or Q tip as I will gag. Is their any other way of getting rid of them or taking them out without making me gag?

A: I honestly never knew what a tonsil stone was until reading this. I used to get them all the time and figured it was just food particles. I had changed my diet to mostly plant based and very healthy about a year ago and they disappeared. I should also mention that I’m a celiac. But a few days ago was Thanksgiving and I know that I got contaminated with gluten and I had dairy (which I normally try to avoid). It was odd because a few hours after eating I started getting a sore throat. It got worse over a few days and tonight I checked out my throat and saw the stones back there. I hadn’t had them in so long, I decided to Google if this was normal. I had no idea that this had an actual name! But I can honestly say that for me staying away from gluten and dairy definitely helps!

Q:  I see that a few people report experiencing the stones after running. Is it possible that the initial stress from running, if you’ve otherwise led a sedentary lifestyle, will cause these initially? Or is it more likely that the heavy breathing/jogging/body movement has either jarred them loose or caused the lymph nodes to start doing their job again?

A: Running helps to circulate fluids and it is possible that these stones appear as a result. Especially if you have lived a couch potato lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that sperm per say can cause these stones but if your partner has STD then the stones might appear as a result of the body fighting of an infection.

This is by far one of the most resourceful sites on the subject that I have seen to date. I get these stones from time to time and I do notice that they come out when I exercise. I have definitely noticed an increase in tonsil stones when I consume pasta or bread. My son, only 6, seems to get them far more than do I. I think its because he has post nasal drip but also he just has super large tonsils. Anyway I see many people commenting on how to clean the tonsils. I think that sticking something in once’s tonsils often leads to inflammation. There is a better way. I use a water pic (on the lowest setting) to clean the tonsils. This combined with a netti pot, keeps that area super clean and is the least invasive way. Also, usually in the winter months, put a few drops of tea tree oil in the water pic and that has a great antibacterial effect.

You are right on target. When you exercise, lymph gets cleaned and waste gets removed. Tonsil stones may appear more frequently if you just started a new healthier routine because they are a part of a healing reaction. However, they should disappear once the body has fully healed itself.

The final words:

I’m so glad I found this! I never even knew what that stuff coming out of my tonsils was called. I used to get them a lot as a child, about 7-8yrs. But as I got older, I wouldn’t get them as frequently. I even forgot I ever had gotten them after a while. Now I’m almost 22 and I’m starting to get them a lot. This morning I pushed out more stones then ever before, which lead me to find this article about best way to remove tonsil stones. I was beginning to think perhaps my kidneys were having a hard time doing their job since my tonsils are pushing all those stones out.

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