Lower Abdominal Pain Left Side – 3 Different Causes

Many people all over the world suffer from pain on the left side of abdomen. Because the pain is concentrated only on the lower left side, many heath care providers find it hard to determine the actual cause. A lot of people go through almost endless visits to their doctors, expensive rounds of examinations, drugs, and treatment plans that actually do nothing to permanently cure the condition. However, if the true cause is known, you can surely avoid all these trials by determining a treatment plan that effectively addresses the real root of your lower back problems. Read on and find out about the different causes.

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Intestinal Problems

Abdominal pain on left side may be caused by certain gastrointestinal system problems, including bowel problems or sensitivities to some foods. If the pain on the lower left side of your back occurs only after eating certain foods, accompanied by certain symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, this may be the main cause of your pain. However, back pain on this particular location at the back can also be caused by intestinal problems that cause muscle imbalance.

2. Kidney Stones

You can easily tell if the lower pain is caused by kidney problems. The pain is usually accompanied by other signs and symptoms like urinating problems and blood in the urine. Good thing, most physicians routinely test this problem through urinalysis and the result of imaging techniques such as MRI also shows this.

3. Muscle Imbalances

Other problems are the most common cause of abdominal pain in left side. These conditions can range from a herniated disc, misalignment, or other disorders. Regardless of the diagnosis done, the main cause is usually a muscle imbalance, because this can cause a lot of health problems including gastrointestinal and spinal problems.

Many people do not really understand the role of muscles in the body. Muscles do not only help in the movement, the support they provide the bones and organs is also very vital. Muscle imbalances lead to a lot of physiological problems, some of which can actually cause lower back pain left side.

Physicians tend to treat first the cause of pain in the lower left side by prescribing drugs, therapies, and surgeries that can greatly work with their health condition. By curing the main cause, it becomes easy to cure or treat lower back pain left side for good. Luckily, the pain can now be treated with a simple, flexible, inexpensive treatment, freeing the sufferer from the painful experience brought about by the pain at the lower left side of the back. If you’ve been experiencing pain at the lower left side of your abdomen, you owe a lot to yourself to reclaim your active, healthy, and pain-free life by visiting your doctor and asking for a really effective treatment plan.

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