Increased risk factors and aggravators of crones disease

Factors that increase the risk of crones disease:

Being of Jewish ancestry :

In Jewish people the tendency of occurrence of crones disease is 3 to 6 times more than that of the normal population.

Belonging to Scandanavian ancestry:

Europeans especially descendants of the Scandanavian ancestry have a higher risk of acquiring this condition.

Family history:

In many cases it is seen to be passed down through families. So people, having a family history of inflammatory bowel disease, can inherit Crohn’s disease. When compared to the general population, chances of having the disease is estimated to be 30 times more for a person if he/she have a sibling diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and 10 times more for a person having a close relative with the disease.

Living standards:

Environmental conditions also increase the risk. Like people who live near industrial areas or in an industrialized country are more prone to having this disease.


Diet containing high amount of sugar or saturated fat can increase the chances of having crones disease. Low amount of fiber and high protein and/or meat diet also result in a high chance of suffering from this disease.


Smoking cigarettes is also a major risk factor of this disease.

Gene mutation:

Recently it is discovered that a certain gene called NOD2 is responsible for determining how the body responses to particular bacteria. Mutation of this gene increases the risk of Crones development.

What aggravates or worsens the symptoms of crohn’s disease?

Psychological issues:

Stress, depression and anxiety make crohn’s disease symptoms worse.

Contents of the diet:

Although short of fiber in diet causes crohn’s disease but crone’s patients complained that their symptoms worsen if they have fibrous food so in such cases the patients are recommended to avoid eating raw vegetables and to eat steamed or even baked vegetables. Eating spicy food or fat containing food such as diary products and even caffeine and alcohol can also aggravate the symptoms of this disorder.


During pregnancy the symptoms may get worse and can lead to miscarriages, premature birth, stillbirths and even abortions. So during the active stage or flare up of  crohn’s disease, pregnant women or women who intend to become pregnant should strictly follow the medications indicated by the doctors in order to have healthy and normal child.


Continued smoking in Crohn’s disease can worsen the condition.

There is still no complete cure for Crohn’s disease but with proper therapy and by following a recommended diet and lifestyle Crohn’s patient can lead a fairly normal life.

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