How To Treat Dry Sensitive Skin

It’s no secret that dry sensitive skin is also very difficult to take care of. Dry sensitive skin feels tight because of the deficient lubrication and has a tendency to develop small expression lines that will evolve into wrinkles. Moreover, the specificity of such skin types makes one more exposed to allergic reactions, rashes, capillaries breaking and sudden flushes and even small red spots. Therefore, the dry sensitive skin care could be a continuous problem. It is worth mentioning the fact that it affects people regardless of age, color or gender.

The choice of make up, cleansing and moisturizing products has to follow rigorous steps when you have to care for dry sensitive skin. First of all, stop using all sorts of products for skincare; the more the chemicals one comes into contact with, the higher the chances to develop rashes. All the products have to be fragrance free and hypo-allergenic so that you don’t develop red irritation blotches. The blusher and the foundation could raise some problems for dry sensitive skin.

Avoid using too much make-up in order to allow the skin to breathe adequately. When shopping for make up, other than the hypo-allergenic feature, you should also pay attention that they be oil free. Water-based foundation and blusher make excellent choices because the risk of pore clogging is lower. Furthermore, this type of skin is not compatible with oil absorbing foundations because these tend to dry the skin by eliminating the supposed sebum excess.

The skin dermis specific to dry sensitive skin should not be exfoliated or treated with astringent products. And we could say the same thing about cleaning too: if you wash too frequently, you increase dryness by eliminating the natural skin oils meant to lubricate the tissues. Furthermore, make sure that the daytime moisturizer has an incorporated SPF (sun-protection factor) of at least 15. Then, although you may like sunbathing, dry sensitive skin doesn’t allow you much to enjoy such outdoor pleasures.

Don’t expose dry sensitive skin to the sun for tanning purposes because you will only achieve a premature aging and even serious health problems. And last but not least, a warning must be signaled in relation to the changes of one cosmetic product for another. When you decide to switch to a different skincare brand, it is important to test the product on a small skin portion to check whether it triggers any allergic reaction or other negative manifestations.

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