Facts and Procedures of Colloidal Silver Sinus Infection

It has been observed that the topic of colloidal silver sinus infection and its use is getting the trend right now. It falls under the category of alternative medicine so as expected from the mainstream medicine, there is also a commotion going on. The argument particularly lies between effectivity and as a poison.

To trace back the origins, colloidal silver itself has already been well-known for treating infections from colds down to skin. FDA on the other hand has responded to it as unsafe. But the danger attached to it is not solely meant for the body rather the antibiotics. Colloidal silver sinus infection therefore is neither a poison nor to consider it as the cure-all remedy. The important thing is that it has been safely proven as a tropical antibiotic to treat a sinus headache.

Why People Resort to Colloidal Silver Sinus Infection?

Some of the reasons most patients turn into these kinds of alternative medicines are the qualities of being simple and natural mineral substance empowered with antibiotic qualities. But at the top of it is to get away from the risks over the counter drugs and surgeries can provide them.
The product, colloidal silver sinus infection consists of tiny silver that is available in various forms such as in oral form, in sprays, topical form or given through injections. But what people usually do is to use Neti Pot with colloidal Silver.

Using Neti Pot in Colloidal Silver Sinus Infection

Neti Pot is one of the friendly, safe and effective devices to use in Colloidal Silver Sinus Infection. It aids in the application to the sinus passages and a relief whether instantly or in long-term. One thing neti pot differs from the rest is the fact that it gets rid of the unlikable sensations of both stinging and burning caused by nasal spray bottles or droppers. Aside from that is its capability to rinse, ease inflammation and unclog sinus passages for easier flow and administration of the colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver sinus infection with neti pot is achieved through two procedures. The first one is the basic which is to clear first the blockage before doing the second which is the application.

Prepare first a cup of lukewarm water inside the neti pot and load about ¼ teaspoon of purest salt (not iodized). You then apply the spout to your right nostril with your head 90 degrees to the right and your left ear parallel to the sink. Tilt the pot until you feel the sensation of water flowing gently into your nostril. Do the same with the other nostril. Then don’t forget to always blow the water out in between alternate applications to your nostrils. After everything, drain your nostrils as if taking a bow into a sink.

The application of colloidal silver sinus infection on the hand takes the step only with the use of colloidal silver instead of purest salt.

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