Foods and Drinks Which Can Cause Green Diarrhea

Many instances of green diarrhea are completely harmless and have no lasting effects.

Everyone’s digestive system is different and how our body deals with certain substances and foods can be different resulting for some in green diarrhea.

For some people ‘eating up their greens’ can result in green diarrhea as their body struggles to digest dark green vegetables. Chlorophyll the natural green coloring of plants and vegetables is what turns the feces green as the food moves rapidly through the digestive tract.

For some people it isn’t only green leafy vegetables that cause them to have green diarrhea food rich in iron such as liver will also turn the feces green, as the body isn’t able to assimilate the high iron content of the food.

The normal color of feces is brown, in some people certain foods can pass through their digestive system too fast and this can result in green diarrhea, as the body passes the food through the digestive tract at a rate that doesn’t allow the green yellow bile which is produced by the liver to assist in the digestion of food stuffs to be broken down by the digestive enzymes and this can prevent the feces from being turned brown. This referred to as, rapid transit or decreased colonic transit time.

Dark green leafy vegetables also contain a lot of iron and many people have problems assimilating iron and this too can result in dark green diarrhea.

Multi vitamins and other supplements too can contain iron and result in green diarrhea for a lot of people. The over use of supplements can also result in green diarrhea as the body will only take what it needs and some vitamins and minerals are not able to be stored in the body and so are excreted either in the urine or the feces. Some people need to take a vitamin B12 supplement or have vitamin B12 shots and this too could result in green feces.

Some drinks such as Guinness or other fortified wines and stouts can be a rich source of iron and again can result in green diarrhea.

Foods such as Jell-O and candy containing green food coloring too result in a green coloring of the feces as the food coloring isn’t digested and so colors the feces prior to excretion. In fact some people could not only suffer from green diarrhea, but a rainbow of colored feces depending on the food coloring in the foods.

Children will often suffer with green diarrhea as they tend to eat more food colorings in candy and soda, younger children’s digestive systems are not also fully developed and their problem can resolve it’s self as they mature.

If you are concerned about the green diarrhea it might be worth thinking back a day or two at what you have been eating or drinking to see if it could be related to food coloring, iron intake, or chlorophyll found in green leafy vegetables, herbs and salad lettuce.

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