Beer Reviuews Hoppelganger Ipa

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time railing against the quality of Canadian craft brewed beers. So many of the Canadian craft brewed beers I’ve tried have been bland and corporate tasting. As such, I’m always looking for Canadian made beers I can be enthused about. Thankfully, I’ve been finding more and more well made Canadian beers of late. That’s why I was glad to find some beers from R&B brewing on the shelf of my neighborhood liquor store.

R&B brewing was founded in 1997 by friends and coworkers Rick Dellow and Barry Benson. When they started, the goal was to produce beer better than the corporate beers then on the market. Today, R&B brewing still occupies its original location in east Vancouver’s Brewery Creek district. Today, R&B produces more than a half dozen ales lagers including a west coast style IPA called Hoppelganger.

I picked up a bottle of Hoppelganger, intrigued as much by the beer’s name as seeing something new on the shelf of my local liquor store. Hoppelganger pours into the glass a slightly hazy copper color. Modest carbonation supports a fluffy white heat with good retention. IPA starts off with malt in the front in the form of biscuits. Hop aromas follow quickly with notes of citrus. Hoppelganger is pleasant enough in the nose, but the aroma lacks assertion.

Taking my first sip, Hoppelganger is medium in body with an assertive hop flavor. IPA starts out with a buttery mouthfeel and malt presence up front in the form of a faint biscuit flavor. Center is slightly rounded with some flavors of caramel. Finish is hops in all its piney glory. Hops starts out piney and citrussy, but finishes woody and sharply bitter. Bitterness is sharp, assertive, and lingering. Overall, the flavor gives me what the aroma lacks.

As I said earlier, the aroma was pleasant enough, it was just thin and not all that present. I’m tempted to refer to the flavors as straightforward but I don’t think that would be entirely fair. Hoppelganger’s palate is linear, moving straight from malt to hops by way of its rounded center. However, the flavor is enjoyable and Hoppelganger is a solid example of the west coast IPA. I would recommend Hoppelganger to anyone who likes the American IPA. Try Hoppelganger with fish and chips or barbecued ribs. Hoppelganger IPA gets a 7.59 out of 10.

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