Beer Reviews Rigor Mortis Ale

Being from Canada, I often feel as though I should like Canadian beer more than I do. Unfortunately, I’ve had too many Canadian beers that don’t taste as wonderful as I would like. So many of our micro breweries seem to come off tasting bland and corporate. Because of this, I often prefer beers from Europe or the U.S. Lately though, I’ve been seeing more Canadian made micro brewed beer on the shelves of my local liquor stores. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to re-visit the craft beer scene here in Canada.

The province of Quebec seems to be becoming Canada’s home to craft brewed beer. First there was a brewery called Unibroue producing Belgian inspired beers like Maudite and La Fin du Monde. Now, there’s a brewery called Dieu du Ciel which seems to translate roughly as God of the sky. As with Unibroue, most of Dieu du Ciel’s beers are inspired by the Trappist ales of Belgium. Like those of Unibroue, Dieu du Ciel’s beers are starting to appear in bars in the U.S. starting with cities like New York and Chicago.

When creating this beer, the people at Dieu du Ciel were inspired by the impressive, complex Trappist ales of Belgium. And they certainly made themselves a big beer in this Trappist inspired Quadrupel. At 10.5% abv, Rigor Mortis is not for the faint of heart. I suspect we’re looking at a winter warmer that would benefit from months or even years of aging. Well, let’s pour ourselves a glass and see how this stuff measures up.

Rigor Mortis is a slightly hazy, reddish brown ale. Modest carbonation supports an off white head. Retention is good. Aroma is sweet in the front, strong with fruit esters. Aroma reminds me very much of rum and raisins, or maybe rum cake. Rum and raisins if followed by a pleasant scent of yeast. Finish reminds me of leather with hints of tobacco. Rigor Mortis ale is full in every respect. Full in flavor, body, and mouthfeel. Malt profile is huge. There’s flavors of caramel sugars, figs, dates. Finish is dry and lingering with hints of bitterness.

My only complaint about Rigor Mortis is that it’s a bit much. The flavors are good, and relatively balanced but they are somewhat overpowering. Unfortunately, the alcohol content doesn’t help the situation. I’m gonna give this one a 7.25 out of 10. As I said before, this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Rigor Mortis is a big ale that might be too big for its own britches.

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