Beer Reviews Maredsous 10

The Duvel Moortgat brewery is probably best known for brewing the strong Belgian ale known as Duvel. Recently my local liquor store began stocking three different abbey ales called Maredsous. Maredsous abbey is a monastery of the Benedictine order located in Belgium. Duvel Moortgat has been brewing beer under contract for the Maredsous abbey since 1963. With Maredsous being on the market for so long I find myself wondering why none of the beer scholars I read have mentioned it before now?

Well, perhaps that’s something that can be answered in a future article. Currently, Duvel Moortgat makes three beers under the Maredsous label. Duvel makes Maredsous 6, a Belgian blonde ale at 6% abv. This is followed by Maredsous 8 a Belgian dubbel with an alcoholic strength of 8%. Maredsous 10 is a Belgian tripel coming in, you guessed it, at 10% abv. It’s the Maredsous 10 we’re going to take a look at in this review.

Maredsous 10 is a beautiful golden colored ale with spritzy carbonation. Head is fluffy and white. Retention is good, leaves a nice lace as it recedes. Maredsous 10’s aroma starts off with honey and fresh spring flowers. This is supported by aromas of ripe fruit. Maybe pineapple and banana? The finish gives me cloves and the peppery, hay-like scent of hops.

Unlike the aroma, the flavor starts off slightly tart with flavors of Granny Smith apples. Maredsous 10 is a medium bodied beer with a lighter mouthfeel than I expected. Center is slightly rounded with just a hint of a flavor of honey. Carbonation is spritzy and mouth coating. Center moves into a lingering dry finish that combines with a crisp bitterness. Flavor seems fairly linear but nonetheless enjoyable.

I’m gonna give this one a 7.96 out of 10. Aroma starts out pleasant, floral, and perfumy, makes me want to drink the beer. Flavor came out a little more simple and straightforward than the aroma. A little more roundness in the center might have edged my score into an 8 point something out of 10. Don’t get me wrong though. Maredsous 10 is a perfectly enjoyable Belgian beer. In fact, I might recommend it to a lot of people, especially those who haven’t experience Belgium’s beers before.

Maybe this is apropos of nothing but when I was at the liquor store I saw the Maredsous beers in the typical 330 ml bottles as well as larger 750 ml bottles. I like it when breweries do this with their beer and here’s why. On the one hand, it gives you the choice of how much you’ll spend on their beer as the smaller bottles tend to be reasonably priced. It also gives you the option to treat yourself to a larger bottle if you want some extra to share with someone. Frankly, I wish more breweries would do this with their products.

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