“Be Mine” Workout

While I’ve never gotten caught up in the flowers, etc. of the holiday, I do love the concept of taking a day to express the love you feel for those special to you. While we shouldn’t need a specific day to do this, it is nice to have that reminder to slow down and really think about how we can show our appreciation. I always love the small, thoughtful ideas best; although I’ve never been one to say no to some chocolate! (Well…except this year because of the Challenge.)


In honor of the holiday, I’ve created a Valentine’s-themed workout for you to try! There’s no equipment necessary; however, you can increase the challenge/resistance for many of these exercises by adding dumbbells. It’s completely optional!

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 60 seconds of squat jacks between each.

I hope you feel loved today!

Side Plank Hug – set up in a high side plank (on hand) with opposite arm overhead. Take arm and reach “through” space between ribs and floor. Bring arm back to top to complete rep.

“Will you Marry Me” Reverse Lunge – step back into lunge and raise arms extended up above head with a slight back bend. (Optional – hold weight in hands)

Cupid Flutters – lay prone (flat on stomach) with arms and legs fully extended. Keeping your neck in a neutral position, raise arms and legs off ground and quickly move up and down in an alternating flutter (i.e. right arm coincides with left leg).

Heart-Shaped Leg Extension – Starting in a tabletop position, extend leg back keeping hips square. “Draw” a large heart with your extended foot, keeping a static contraction in your glutes (butt). (Tap toe to floor to create heart point, but do not rest between reps.)

Heart crunches – same as butterfly crunches.

Bow & Arrow Push-Ups – start in high plank position. Perform a push-up. As you are raising up, lift one hand off ground, bring it to chest, twist torso and extend above head (into a T-position). Set hand back down, perform push-up and complete same movement with other arm.

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