10-Month Check In

Ladies and Gents…we’ve hit double digits! Henry is 10-months old!

First off, we had a lovely visit from my mom for a few days this week.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to spend time with her, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, too! Not only was it nice to catch up, but she also provided an extra set of hands for Henry’s photo shoot. It’s basically become a necessity at this point since I would need to possess superhuman powers in order to place him, scoot back, raise the camera, focus, and snap a picture before he’s already traveled halfway across the room. I can’t tell you how many absolutely adorable out of focus pictures I have of him.

If you haven’t gathered from most of my recent posts, this little guy is on the move! Between the help of his walker and his speed crawling, he can cover the length of a room in no time. He is super curious and will open every cabinet, door, bag, zipper…you name it, he’s gotta have his hands on it. He’s a little rebel, too, and loves to be defiant. He understands “no” and the tone coupled with it when saying his name; however, it only functions to slow him down. He’ll stop and sit, look back with a devilish smile, and then carry on in the direction of that particular moment’s dangerous objective. A favorite pastime of his is to charge towards the edge of the bed so you’re forced to pull him back by the legs…over and over and over again.

Besides being a little daredevil, Ryan and I both agree that he is totally weird. He’s got a quirky personality, the funniest facial expressions, and is so amusing to interact with.

Henry loves to laugh and make others laugh, as well, and is all around just the most jovial baby I know. So far, it’s very clear to me that he is his daddy’s “Mini-Me” to the core. I would say these three pictures define my little wild child better than words could:


  • Five are visible; although I can feel a few others starting to press their way through.


  • Still waking up at least once/night, typically more. With the time change, bedtime has also been pushed back to 9/9:30a and we’re usually up for the day, on average, around 7a.

Henry Likes…

  • Pushing anything around…mostly his walker; however, he will push chairs, his highchair, bowls, boxes, etc.
  • Making the elephant sound
  • Walks in the ErgoBaby
  • Being outside
  • Playing with/Eating dirt
  • Strawberries! I can’t cut them fast enough to keep up with him.
  • Giving High Fives
  • Rubbing his head against yours. (Ryan particularly finds this amusing because Henry does it the same way that his horse, Mint, will do to anyone standing near him.)
  • Whipping articles of clothing (socks being his favorite) around when his diaper’s being changed.
  • Eating anything plastic or rubber. I swear, nothing is indestructible for those five teeth. I’ve had to pull more tiny pieces of plastic out of Henry’s mouth this week than I would like to admit.
  • Repeating sounds. Especially while we’re on walks, we’ll go back and forth mimicking each other’s sounds. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m a bit loopy if they’ve ever overheard our “conversations”.

Henry Dislikes…

  • When I’m not within arms reach. Oooh boy, this one is particularly difficult for me. While I love being loved and can’t complain about that, it does make having some alone time very challenging; and also hard for others to fully enjoy him. (Although he was loving his Mimi time this week!!)
  • His Stroller. Dislike might be too strong of a word, but over the winter he has definitely acquired an aversion to staying in his stroller for more than 15-20 minutes. We pretty much have the ErgoBaby on hand anytime we leave the house for situations like this.
  • Having his diaper changed. Henry will get really fussy whenever we have to change his diaper or change his clothes. He’s perfectly fine before and after…just not during. Giving him clothing to whip around as a distraction has been my one saving grace. It works maybe 75% of the time to where I can actually get a diaper on (relatively) straight.
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